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Car insurance can take different names, including auto insurance and motor insurance. This kind of insurance is normally purchased for protection against all forms of physical damage to the vehicle as well as bodily injury to the driver and the passengers alike.

Car insurance and its application

The application of car insurance ranges from payment of all valid claims resulting from traffic collisions between other forms of accidents. Car insurance is the type of insurance that applies not only on cars, but also on trucks and motorcycles among other kinds of vehicles that travel by road. Car insurance also covers liability of the driver in case of injury to third person. However, the terms and conditions that dictate the application of this policy differ from one region to another. To some extent, it has been noted that vehicle insurance also presents financial protection to the policyholder dependence on various outcomes such as thievery, and damage to the vehicle by unknown persons. In general, the policy extends beyond traffic collisions. In the UK, it is recommended that every motor vehicle owner purchase car insurance in accordance to the road traffic act.

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History of car insurance in the UK

Back in 1930, a law was passed by the UK government that not only ascended that every person that owns a vehicle to hold an insurance policy to cover bodily injuries to them but also personal insurance that would cover the same fate to third parties. Although that law continued to work from then, further modifications have taken place such as having all motorists insured, have made a substantial amount up to about 500,000p. If not, the motorist should at least have a security that can be used in case of any liability to pay for damages incurred. Today, it can be a punishable offence by law when one uses a car without insurance or even allows others to use it when it hasn’t been insured, and this applies on all public highways or public premises.

Minimum level of insurance cover available in the UK

Third party car insurance or the third party only insurance is the minimum insurance cover that has been described positively on the account of satisfying the requirements that fall under the road traffic act. The case with this cover is that it covers liability that could be incurred on third parties whereas omitting other possible risk covers. The third party, fire and theft seemingly are the most common kinds of cover that most drivers and motorists tend to purchase. Just as the cover describes, when the vehicle is damaged by either fire or was stolen, the insurance will replace the stolen car if it cannot be recovered while at the same time restore the already burnt vehicle.

The most suggested type of car insurance is the comprehensive insurance that also happens to cover any of the earlier mentioned damage or liability, and this ranges from the damage caused by the driver as well as the damage caused by natural disasters or unforeseen calamities. Councils and authority owned vehicles could be exempted from some of the covers.

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