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There are different ways in which people can move from one place to another. Modes of travel apply in areas where an individual must choose the safest and best mode that applies in the kind of journey he or she wishes to take or the products to transport. There are three major types of travel and these include land, air and sea.

Factors that determine the mode of travel to choose

Although each of the categories is further subdivided according to the vessel to use to reach your destination, determining what kind of travel to choose isn’t hard when you already have an idea on what you intend to transport. For instance, if you intend to travel with your family from London in England to Edinburg in Scotland, you could choose to use a train, travel trailer, aeroplane or even a large boat among other modes of travel. The transportation industry has evolved from the time steam engines were used to combustible fuel like petrol and diesel. Note that each of the mentioned modes of travel encompasses different uses of technology to aid in the movement from one place to another like in the case of choosing different types of vehicles suited for a particular event or road.

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Air travel

The use of an airplane to move from one place to another has been recorded as the second fastest mode of travel the first being the use of a spacecraft. Air travel aids in the transportation of people from one place to another in addition to different kinds of belongings in the cargo area of the air craft. However, unlike other means of travel as we are going to see later in the content, air travel incurs a lot of expenses due to fuel costs.

Land travel

Land travel is perhaps the widest used mode of travel up to date. It encompasses modes such as walking, vehicle, as well as off-road transport. There are those vehicles designed to ply on all kinds of roads both smooth and rough. Rail transport is also part of land travel as it is built on land, although there is rail transportation that passes through water bodies. Rail transportation, which uses trains to make the travel substantial, can use different forms of routines such as carrying heavy cargo from one city or country to another. Road transport encompasses the use of personal and passenger vehicles to move from one place to another.

Sea travel

This mode of travel is also known as water transport and uses ships, steamboats, hovercrafts and other kinds of propelled sea boards in the transportation. Any vessel that can pass through water body through navigation can be categorised as an impeccable means of travel over sea, ocean, and lakes among other water bodies. When you compare air transport with water transport, you will realize that travel by water bodies doesn’t cost that much although not as cheap as road or land transport.

There are other forms of travel platforms that may include pipeline transport for gas and other liquids such as oil, cable transport like in aerial tramway as well as elevators and escalators among others.

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